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8F (RR DISTANT) COMES TO A STAND OUTSIDE ROCK FERRY STN KN104348001 Kingmoor 2-8-5348018 Euston 8-6248020 Long Buckby48029 Elstree 195848039 Crewe 2-6-5648050 Scratchwood 28-5-5348050 Wellingboro48054 (RF) March 30/8/64 ES508848054 8F FH284348062 Toton shed 27.9.59 RCR1431248062 Wigan 6748063 Lancaster48065 and 4F No.44053. Hathersage 17.3.62. PY10039H4807048073 Connecting Roads inside Chester Shed KN61048076 Royston 12-9-6748077 18-5-6748081 Crewe South 1-11-6448088 (RF)and 48319 at head of line of 8Fs at unknown shed on unknown date WS3096