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RCR1026446414 46439 Bury Shed KNL27046421 Bushbury 13-8-6546421 Widnes Shed 12-9-5446433 (RF) tn ‘Cambrian Radio Cruise’ Barmouth South REV284-24643446434 Gibbs46434 Penrith46435 Wakefield Shed 27-8-5546439 Bank Hall SHed 23-8-5546442 Leamington Spa shed with 46442, 6697, 73026 16-4-65 TC33146444 (FF) 8.34am Kettering-Cambridge entg Huntingdon North 20-10-56 LRF245646444 (LR) tn 8.34am Kettering – Cambridge lvg St Ives 20-10-56 LRF245846449 2 tn for Penrith at Keswick 6/52 FH6774645346455 (LF more front) with brakevan Keswick 9/63 ES486946455 (LF) with brakevan Keswick 9.63 ES486846455 Kingmoor shed SM28946456 & 46457 (RF) D/heading 10.15a.m. through train from Manchester lvg Keswick 11.8.56 WS235346457(RF)&46491(LR)on 10.15a.m.Manchester-Keswick at Penrith. 31.8.57 WS494