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RCR102643442 Neville Hill shed 1.5.66 JBY101946400 (RF) tn lvg St Ives 23.5.53 ES92746401 (LF) & J94 with loco tenders on sidings on Cromford & High Peak ICA M43746401 (LF) tn fruit awaiting pilot to Kettering at Huntingdon East 10.8.54 ES158946401 (LF) tn Godmanchester 3.10.53 ES113646402 (RF) LE Cambridge 12.5.53 REV74A-6-446402 (RF) tn St Ives 1.8.53 ES110146403 (LF) tn Godmanchester 13.7.54 ES142946403 (LF) tn St Ives stn 2.5.53 ES91346403 (RF) tn Huntingdon East 9455 ES232446403 (RF) with brake-van at Godmanchester stn 11.7.53 ES109346404 (LF) fruit tn pilot Huntingdon East 31.8.54 ES165946404 (LF) tn Godmanchester 16.7.54 ES148046404 (RF) tn 3.9pm Cambridge at Huntingdon East 2455 ES229146404 (RF) tn Godmanchester Crossing 11.7.53 ES109446404 Long Stanton 1957 NS20588446414 & 46439 (LF) Bury shed 13/9/64 KNL27046414 46439 Bury Shed KNL27046421 Bushbury 13-8-65