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65xxx (LR) TF brake-van ICA E1285654xx (LF) shunting & K3 (LF) tn frt passing Mistley ICA E1985654xx J15 (LF) LE Laxfield Mill on the MSLR pre 7-53 closure ICA E233865003 J1 Hitchin 12-5-51 (b) FH36765023 J2 (RF) Lincoln shed 26-8-51 ES19565033 Rothbury station and signal box. J21 No.65033. 7.6.60 PY10007R6510765110 Heaton Shed 20.09.59 AS G7/265118 25-6-516512065130 J10 (LF) inside Walton shed 10/9/50 PP64665153 J10 (RF) standing by water-crane Trafford Park shed 16/10/55 ES316265181 at Chester 24.6.56 AEB131765182 at Brunswick MPD, Liverpool 29.8.55 AEB78265211 J36 (RR)  T/F tn transfer frt for Sighthill goods stn lvg Cadder marshalling yard on outskirts of Glasgow 27/7/60 WS483165218 on Thornton shed 25.7.59 WS4465224 J36 (RF) St Margarets 14.4.63 Ken Nuttall KNL24165243 shunting at Niddrie West 11.6.60 WS451865249  &  64534 (LF)  on Kipps shed 30.4.60 WS431465265 J36 (LF) fresh from the paint shop at Inverurie Works 13/6/60 WS4540