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60500 Kings Cross shed 16.9.61 RCR1628360500 Kings Cross shed turntable with 60500 L/E 16/9/61 RCR1628660501 Craigentinny60502 'Earl Marischal', Craigentinny60502 York60502 York 22.5.195060503 'Lord President', Haymarket 14-6-5860505 Doncaster works 04-09-59 RS61560506 'Wolf of Badenoch', Haymarket60506 (RF) on relief to Kings X at Darlington 18.4.60 WS425960506 approaching Hitchin 29.4.56 B114160506 Kings Cross 24-3-5260507 'Highland Chieftain' (LR) tn Edinburgh Waverley 2-8-50 FWG22760507 (RR) Dunfermline Upper Shed 18-6-5360507 Haymarket 6-5-5660508  (LF) on the down “Queen of Scots”arriving at Newcastle. 3.9.55 WS6060508 (RF) A2 tn Cadwell REV49-A-3-460508 (RR) A2 tn Cadwell REV49-A-3-560508 Cadwell REV49A-3-460508 Cadwell REV49A-3-5