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0-4-4T boilers at Blackpool Central NS204016A103 HR (LMS 17916) at Dumfries station ready to depart tender first NF228-23103 HR (LMS 17916) RF in Dumfries station on special, elevated view NF228-22538xx S&D 7F (LR) view of engine from carriage at Templecombe stn ICA M14915352 55352 Beattock WH28128 (58330) Shrewsbury Shed 6-5-5128158 (58334) 19-4-48 Alan Downes50455 Blackpool shed 11.8.51 FH62450455 York 1.7.51 (2)50455 York 1.7.51 Colin Bergstrand50455 York 1.7.51 MP3124350455 York shed 1951 NS20403350650  at Bolton Trinity Street  in 1954 -  05-08-1954  - John Raines50652 Accrington Shed 25-8-55 Roy Wilson50764 Low Moor Shed 4-3-5650777 (LF) Sowerby Bridge shed 13/5/56 ES357150840 Fleetwood Shed50865 (LF) Huddersfield shed 13/5/56 ES353050869 Ray Sayer50898 (LR) B/F tn (minor motion blur to leading edge of loco) 14/4/51 PP656