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608xx V2 (RF) tn ‘Master Cutler’ 10-1-59 DR27-1608xx V2 (RF) tn 10am Bradford-Poole at Braunton & Willoughby 8-7-61 MM15284771 V2 being pulled by Class 37, Norwich ICA E299160800 'Green Arrow', Kings Cross Top Shed, 8-5-5460800 (RF) tn up express at Wood Green REV118-460800 Grantham Shed 31-5-58 RCR1190960800 Kings Cross shed 16.9.61 RCR1627760800 Kings Cross shed 16.9.61 RCR1628860800 Kings Cross shed 16/9/61 RCR1628860800 V2 (LF) tn 2pm dn Newcastle passing Harringay 31-7-59 PP108560800 V2 (LF) tn dn Newcastle Tyne CQ passing Harringay 24-5-58 (half of buffer beam & part of smokebox off camera) PP93460803 (RR above) tn passing High Street SB, Lincoln Central 5/56 REV286-160804 (LR)60806 (LF) on 3.50p.m. Waverley-Berwick arriving at Burnmouth 18.7.59 WS22636080960809 V2 (LF) tn 9.15am (SO) Llandudno-Newcastle nr Spofforth 18-8-62 MM194960809 V2 (LF) tn 9.15am (SO) Llandudno-Newcastle nr Spofforth 18-8-62 MM194960810 (RF) tn ex-Scarborough passing Hitchin 3.39pm 8-7-61 H2666 James Harrold60813 (LF) on 4.20p.m. Edinburgh Waverley-Arbroath passing Princes St Gardens 7.9.54 WS7060813 Ferryhill shed 17-4-65 SM178