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2-6-2T (LF) Tn Starcrossex-MSWJ 2-4-0 (LF) Tn stn0-6-0PT (RR) BF Kerry branch frt entg Abermule ICA GW34443xx (RF) Tn dn frt at Maiden Newton ICA GW29245 RCR22645xx (RF) Tn frt entg Swindon Town 2/31 ICA GW389111 The Great Bear MP20370635 0-6-0T (condensed) (RF) Tn shunting Calpham Jct ICA GW98643 Met goods 0-6-0T (LF) LE Clapham Jct ICA GW324648 MP20094680 (RF) Oswestry stn 26-8-39 PP276855 (LF) Oswestry shed 26-8-39 PP274884 (LF) Portmadoc shed 1937 ICA GW317884 (LF) Portmadoc shed 1937 ICA GW318884 (LF) tn frt Oswestry 26-8-39 PP272908 (ex Cambrian Railways) at Lambourn station. 26.3.37 MP200251009 Laira shed 22-6-47 RCR14321029 County of Worcester, Chester. 1947-48 MC202851088 MP203801091 Pwllheli MP20382