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61411 B16 (LF) Starbeck shed 22-5-55 ES254861411 B16 (LF) Starbeck shed 22-5-55 ES2548A61415 B16 (LF) tn Wetherby 19-4-60 MM113761417 B16 (LF) tn up frt passing Belgrave & Birstall 24-7-61 MM156561417 B16 (RF) tn 6.30pm Filey-York at Burton Agnes 1-8-57 MM36261421 B16 (LF) tn fitted frt Woodford-York at Abbey Lane Sidings, Leicester 17-5-61-2 MM144961431 B16 (LB) tn northbound frt lvg Starbeck 7-12-57 MM42661431 B16 (RF) tn 3.50pm Harrogate-York nr Belmont (Starbeck) 9-8-58 MM66261431 B16 (RF) tn 3.50pm Harrogate-York nr Belmont (Starbeck) 9-8-58 MM66261432 B16 & 90026 (RF) Dheading tn northbound frt Neville-Teeside passing Scholes 31-7-57  MM35461432 B16 (LF) Starbeck 30-5-59 MM85961434 B16 (RF) tn frt Ashby Bank 11-3-61-2 MM137561436 ES239561436 Gateshead 27-5-51 CLK61436 Grantham NS20145761438 (RF) tn ‘LCGB The Midland Limited’ railtour passing Woodford Halse SB 14-10-62 (NB a few hours before the Cuban Missile Crisis began) George Smith GS1-8-2261438 Low Moor NS20146261440 B16/1 50A Leicester Midland Shed (as 4-4-2 !) 12.07.60 AS J8/561440 King Edward Bridge 1955 NS20146561444 (RF) Woodford Halse shed 14-10-62 GS1-82-3