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'Jupiter', 'Marchioness of Graham', 'Talisman', 'Duchess of Hamilton' 'Duchess of Montrose',  &  'Queen Mary II' laid up in Albert Harbour, Greenock 5.10.58 WS2089?Presidente Peron? nr Tilbury 5-6-55 RCR6142B?Presidente Peron? Tilbury 5-6-55 RCR6142ACampbeltown lifeboat 'City of Glasgow II' & T.S. 'Duchess of Hamilton' at the pier for the 3p.m. sailing to Gourock. 26.9.55 WS2086Vickers Viscount, Heathrow JBY1295'Windsor Castle', Southampton 31.7.60 JBY1327KC797  View from canal boat on Regents CanalKC802  Thames view including barges, ships, St Pauls etc (2 views available)Lochranza pier as seen from the T.S. 'Duchess of Hamilton' on the 3p.m Campbeltown-Gourock sailing. 26.9.55 WS2087M.V. 'Arran' on 12.p.m. sailing from Wemyss Bay approaching Rothesay 18.5.61. WS5341M.V. 'Maid of Argyll on 10.10a.m. sailing from Craigendoran arriving at Rothesay pier 18.5.61. WS5340M.V. 'Maid of Skelmorlie' at Wemyss Bay. 18.5.61. WS5343M.V. 'Maid of Skelmorlie' on a afternoon cruise from Millport approaching Rothesay. 18.5.61. WS5342P.S. 'Jeannie Deans' at Rothesay. 2.6.59 WS2090P.S.'Talisman' at Craigendoran after the 7p.m.sailing from Rothesay 3.8.55 WS2091P.S.'Talisman' at Princes Pier while acting as tender to the Cunard liner 'Ivernia' outward bound. 30.10.55 WS2092Part of lighter basin - Brentford Docks 8 -3 -58  - RCR11468 - R C RileyR.M.S. 'Lochfyne'of David MacBrayne Ltd approaching Rothesay on 9.30am  Gourock-Ardrishaig sailing. 18.5.61. WS5338RCR6226A ‘Sir Richard Grenville’ Plymouth Docks 4-7-55RCR6226F ‘Sir Richard Grenville’ Plymouth Docks 4-7-55