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Waggon & Maschinenbau 4-wheel railbus with Colchester service at Glemsford ICA D102W&M 4-wheeled railbus at Haverhill North ICA D379Audley End-bound rail car at Haverhill ICA D840Audley End-bound rail car reversing at Bartlow Junction ICA D1580Cambridge-bound railbus at Birdbrook, Colne Valley 12-61 ICA E3962Park Royal railbus on 1pm Arrochar-Craigendoran passing the sign marking the summit of Glen Douglas. 28.1.61. WS5141Park Royal railbus on 2.10pm Craigendoran -Arrochar near Whistlefield 28.1.61 WS5143Park Royal Railbus on 11.40am Craigendoran-Arrochar at Glen Douglas Halt. 28.1.61. WS5139Railbus at Maldon East C711Railbus, StratfordWickham railbus Sc79968 with 6.5pm Gleneagles-Crieff approaching Muthill 15.6.60 WS4631