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D8500 AS M31-1D8500 Cricklewood (en route Marylebone) 26.07.62 AS M30-5D8500 Cricklewood (en route Marylebone) 26.07.62 AS M30-6D8503 (broadside) Perth shed yard 1963 GCB620D8507 + another at Kings Scrapyard at Trowse, Norwich ICA D1487D8513 (RF) GS1-45-4D8525 & other Clayton Type 1s ICA D982D8531 & D8525 ICA D636D8531 with sister locomotives ICA D1486D8531 with sister locos in siding Wensum Yard, Norwich ICA D389D8552 & D8507 ICA D059D8555 (LR) shunting frt Portobello 7-3-64 GCB621D8563 (RF) tn frt Portobello area 3-6-65 GCB1290D8588 Thornaby shed 07.03.65 AS R55-2D8612 & D1971 inside Perth workshop 1960s GCB62243953 & D8613 (LR) TF tn RCTS spl on Glapwell bch 16-10-65 MM30502 x Class 17 running LE Portobello 7-3-64 GCB638Class 17 (FF) tn short frt Portobello 6-1-62 GCB1292Class 17 at Motherwell 29-7-67 GCB640D8568 Carlisle 18.7.64 JLS