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Cowes Stn with W35 (rear) entg Tn 25 -6 -57  - RCR10832 - R C RileyNameplate “Alverstone” (W29), Ryde Works 3.5.57 AEB1931BRyde Works, with sections of W29 under repair 3.5.57 AEB1932Special train at Shanklin (Up platform) 4.9.66 AEB7315View of North portal of Ventnor Tunnel from road bridge 20.5.56 AEB1228W1 being cut up Ryde 25-6-57 RCR10835W2 & W33 (RF) Ryde shed (in BRL) KC584W2 and W1 at Newport 26.6.55 AEB236W2 at Newport 26.6.55 AEB235W3 & W32 (RF) Ventnor KC589W3 (LF) tn RCTS Isle of Wight Railtour lvg Cowes 18-5-52 (in BRL) KC583W11 (LF) Newport shed 29-5-39 PP250W14 (RF) tn Bembridge 19-09-53 F1014W14 at Ryde St John’s Road (W34 in background) 26.6.55 AEB250W14 at Ryde St John’s Road (W34 in background) 26.6.55 AEB251W14 Cowes 21.06.64 AS P92-6W14 leaving Ashey 22.8.65 AEB6898W14 leaving Ryde St John's Road, with W32 outside Works 5.9.65 AEB6969W14, W18, W17 in store at Sandown 3.3.63 AEB6238W15 (LF) taking water & smokebox clean out Ventnor 8-54 REV85-A-3-2