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Cowes Stn with W35 (rear) entg Tn 25 -6 -57  - RCR10832 - R C RileyNameplate “Alverstone” (W29), Ryde Works 3.5.57 AEB1931BRyde Works, with sections of W29 under repair 3.5.57 AEB1932Special train at Shanklin (Up platform) 4.9.66 AEB7315W1 being cut up Ryde 25-6-57 RCR10835W2 & W33 (RF) Ryde shed (in BRL) KC584W2 and W1 at Newport 26.6.55 AEB236W2 at Newport 26.6.55 AEB235W3 & W32 (RF) Ventnor KC589W3 (LF) tn RCTS Isle of Wight Railtour lvg Cowes 18-5-52 (in BRL) KC583W11 (LF) Newport shed 29-5-39 PP250W14 (RF) tn Bembridge 19-09-53 F1014W14 at Ryde St John’s Road (W34 in background) 26.6.55 AEB250W14 at Ryde St John’s Road (W34 in background) 26.6.55 AEB251W14 Cowes 21.06.64 AS P92-6W14 leaving Ashey 22.8.65 AEB6898W14 leaving Ryde St John's Road, with W32 outside Works 5.9.65 AEB6969W14, W18, W17 in store at Sandown 3.3.63 AEB6238W15 (LF) taking water & smokebox clean out Ventnor 8-54 REV85-A-3-2W15 (RF) 02 Ryde St John’s REV68-A-4-2