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1S43 at Greskine NF085-211S54 leaving Beattock NF085-335MT (LR) T/F tn ecs ex-Exchange at Salford 21/8/64 FM52-25MT no details FM32-35MT passes Caprotti between Colwyn Bay & Abergele 21/7/62 (loco obscured partially by telegraph wires/pole) FM32-245xxx & unidentified loco at Beattock station NF249-16453xx (RF) tn up between Colwyn Bay & Abergele 21/7/62 FM31-744658 Gerrards Cross (1X51 Ex Mansfield) 27.04.63 AS N39-644658 Gerrards Cross 1x51 Mansfield 27.4.63 AS N39-644661 & D211 (RF) DHEADING TN UP LVG COLWYN BAY KN23044662 (LF) LE TF TO BANGOR SHED KN23144665 (LF) tn 2.38pm Marylebone-Nottingham climbs out of Loughborough towards East Leake 22-8-64 MM269144665 (RF) tn 4.38pm Marylebone-Nottingham at Leicester Central 15/1/66 (night view) MM307544672 RF passing Elvanfoot on southbound Express NF246-3444678 (LF) Carlisle Upperby 23.4.57 LN72744680 (RF) tn SLS spl Ruabon 5-3-67 TC34944686 12pm ex Southport at Preston 30.1.64 - Arnold Battson44687 Preston 3.2.64 - Arnold Battson44689  at Deane Clough (nr Bolton)  in 1958 -  07-08-1958  - John Raines44690 (RF) tn 1.23pm (SO) Sheffield-Leicester at Barnston Summit 24-8-63 MM2288