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62781 (RF) E4 tn Long Melford REV 82-A-4-649 (62277) D40 (LF) Dawholm 5-9-60 GNSR GCB90249 (RF) propels RCTS/SLS ‘Scottish Tour’ spl from the HR to the GNS stn at Elgin 14/6/60 GNSR WS457449 GN(LR) TF at small single track wayside platform thought to be Lockerbie-Dumfries branch. WS36549 GNoSR (LF) SLS spl lvg Dumfries 6-59 NF007-2549 GNoSR (LR) T-F SLS spl approaching Locharbriggs 6-59 NF007-2249 GNSR (D40 62277) RR lvg Dawsholm shed for trial run 10-6-59 WS334449 GNSR (LF) at Lockerbie WS37049 GNSR (LF) Dumfries shed yard on SLS Railtour Reporting No.224. Tour  commenced at Buchanan St and covered Lanarkshire and Dumfries lines and took in the branch from Lockerbie to Dumfries. WS36149 GNSR (LF) takes water at Motherwell WS36249 GNSR (LF) taking water at Law Jct WS36949 GNSR (LF) with the SLS”Golden Jubilee Special” waits to leave Dumfries   to return to St Enoch. 13.6.59. WS363849 GNSR (LR) TF at Dumfries station WS36349 GNSR (LR) TF crossing single line overbridge thought to be Lockerbie-Dumfries branch. WS36449 GNSR (RF) at Buchanan St ready to leave with above tour. WS36649 GNSR (RF) at Carstairs stn WS36749 GNSR (RF) at Mossend WS36849 GNSR (RF) at New Cumnock WS37149 GNSR (RR) TF with rail tour Reporting no.224 with Observation car at unknown single line location. No date, thought to be on the Lockerbie-Dumfries branch. WS35249 GNSR at Dawsholm shed as first restored in light green livery. 10.6.59 WS3343