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1S55 leaving Beattock NF085-3245552 Light Engine Lime Street 21-9-6045557 'New Brunswick' southbound freight, Yate 11-5-64 PP146345557 14B Trent (12.25pm St Pancras-Manc) S.Tender 10.06.58 AS D44/545560 Corkerhill C M Officer45561 Cricklewood Yard 23.03.62 AS L57/445562 (LF) tn 9.08am (SO) Leeds/Bradford-Bournemouth approaching Dodworth Colliery between Penistone & Barnsley 30/7/66 MM321645562 (RF distant) tn 9.08am (SO) Leeds-Bournemouth 6/8/66 MM323445562 (RF) tn 9.08am Leeds-Bournemouth between Shepley & Shelley & Penistone 30/7/6645562 (RF) tn Bradford-Blackpool excn at Copy Pit summit 1/8/66 MM322645562 Bradford 1967 pass train in station45562 Bradford Exchange 6.5.6745562 The Border Countryman45563 (RF) TN LVG HOLYHEAD WITH 45280 & 447xx (RF) WAITING TO BACK DOWN TO STN KN50145564 Dalry Road Mervyn Robertson45564 Kingmoor 24-9-50 A G Ellis45565 'South Yorkshireman No.6' railtour, Beattock 24.9.66 WS884145565 (LF above) tn Bradford-Blackpool excn climbing last few yards to Copy Pit summit 30/5/66 MM313245565 (RF) tn 12.30pm Nottingham-Marylebone nr Braunston & Willoughby 8-7-61 MM153545565 1 x 51