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This collection of negatives, which belonged to R H N Hardy, is now lodged with The Transport Treasury.
Mr Hardy was a premium apprentice at Doncaster on the LNER and most of the photographs include men with whom he worked. Because of this, a comprehensive caption has been written for each negative so that, when in receipt of the catalogue, a purchaser will have a good idea of the make-up of each picture. The first 308 negatives, the majority were taken during the War and for that reason are especially interesting, were taken with a Brownie 620 box camera.

He has done this so that all people who are interested can have access to his treasured collection as a social history of men working in a world long gone. A hard but remarkable world and one in which he learned much about the fellowship of men, and the joys and frustrations of life he shared with real, practical railwaymen.


RH1-43 Bradford and Ardsley men and engines.

RH44-99 Copley Hill, Leeds men and engines.

RH100-188 Doncaster Plant, Carr loco running shed, artisan staff and breakdown gang. Men and engines at Doncaster Station north end, Sheffield GC, York, Grantham, Hull, Grimsby, Mexboro, New England and Lincoln. Met-BO and BO men.

RH189-218 Stratford 70036 and driver at work, 1958. Stratford men and engines, office staff and workshop staff. Clacton men, SB&CR, Amersham Met&GC 1936-40 and 1943.

RH219-256 Stewarts Lane men and engines. Amersham M&GC 1936-44.

RH257-312 1937 Nottingham and Leicester GC, KX, Met BO-BO, Amersham 1936-40 Ipswich 1950-52 Woodford 1949-50 and 1966.

RH313-321 Aboard TSS Invicta

RH322-422 Miscellaneous railway characters from CM&EE to leading railmen.

RH423-432 Miscellaneous and family/railway scenes.

RH434-540 Visits to SNCF Nord & Est engines and men.
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