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D82xx (LF) tn passing Wickham Market Jct pre-1965 ICA D796D82xx (LR) LE branch terminus ICA D285D82xx (RF) tn frt Framlingham yard ICA D083D8206D8207 Stratford 16.3.63 JNSD8208 Southend Victoria 27.7.60 JNS431D8216 Cambridge South 4.8.65 DBD8216 tn frt at Haverhill end of Yeldham yard ICA D131D8216 tn frt at Haverhill end of Yeldham yard ICA D131D8220 (LF) tn Framlingham ICA D177D8220 (LR) CF tn frt on Framlingham bch ICA D743D8220 (LR) tn up frt on Framlingham bch ICA D391D8220 (RB) tn frt Framlingham branch ICA D997D8221 CF brake-van at Cockfield stn ICA D114D8221 LE Framlingham ICA D248D8223 (LR) CF tn frt for Framlingham branch at Wickham Market Jct ICA D793D8227 (RF) tn frt approaching Birdbrook circa 1960 ICA D187D8227 D/heading tn frt (colour) ICA D1521D8227 for scrapD8228 CF tn dn frt at Halstead early 1960s after withdrawal of passenger service and removal of signalling ICA D139