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46101 (LF) tn up parcels passing Ashby Magna 19-1-63 MM204446101 entg Euston 2/10/54 RCR555246101 on TT Camden shed 20-9-58 RCR1273246103 'Royal Scots Fusilier' (RF) tn Manchester-St Pancras, Kegworth 11-9-60 MM130846105 (LF) on 10.35am Blackpool-Aberdeen passing Bridge of Allan 6.8.60. WS485946105 Polmadie46109 (LF) tn ‘Thames Clyde Express’ Dumfries 3-9-57 SUM23746109 (RF) on Corkerhill shed 6.6.54 WS102146113 Glasgow St Enoch46114 (RF) IN STORE AT BACK OF HOLYHEAD SHED KN22-346115 [1X80] Tn Spl Hellifield 13-2-65 SM28046116 (LF) tn lvg Crewe 23-5-60 JH127546116 (RF) tn Cheddington 2-8-58 DR11446116 Tn climbing Camden bank 21-8-55 RCR65794611946119 'Lancashire Fusilier'. MC3050046119 'Lancashire Fusillier'. 7.7.56 MC3053346119 (3)46119 (RR) tn Llandudno Jct 26/6/51 ES04946119 7P tn for North Wales lvg Crewe, Spring 1952 (d) FH673