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45519 Westerleigh Jn 10.9.60 JBY114746101  at Birmingham New Street  in 1956 -  10-03-1956  - John Raines46101 (LF) tn up parcels passing Ashby Magna 19-1-63 MM204446101 entg Euston 2/10/54 RCR555246101 on TT Camden shed 20-9-58 RCR1273246102 11.40am to Glasgow leaving Edinburgh Princes St, 23-2-5246102 GWR Green Livery Polmadie Shed 23.7.5046102 on the 12.25p.m. Glasgow Central-Lockerbie passes over Harthope Viaduct on the descent of Beattock. 4.8.62 WS625846102 PMDE 27.10.5146102 Polmadie 19.3.5546103 'Royal Scots Fusilier' (RF) tn Manchester-St Pancras, Kegworth 11-9-60 MM130846104 CRS 21.8.5446104 Gorge West 7.2.5346104 leaving Carstairs 21.7.5646104 leaving Carstairs 21.7.5646104 PME 24.11.5146104 Preston 18.7.61 JBY149046104 Shed46105 (LF) on 10.35am Blackpool-Aberdeen passing Bridge of Allan 6.8.60. WS485946105 Crewe