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77xxx Border Counties NS20597578xxx boiler washout Willesden shed 8/8/65 RCR17848750xx (LR) tn Morfa Mawddach 20/8/60 RH210-573000 Bristol Barrow Road Shed 5-7-59 RCR1372873000 Bristol Barrow Road Shed 5-7-59 RCR1372873002 (LF) tn empty car-flats passing through south end of Chesterfield Midland 17.12.60 H196073003 Waterloo 23/5/53 RCR459173003 Waterloo 23/5/53 RCR459173003 Yate G F Heiron73004 (LF) tn passing Sheffield Darnall 8-59 RH123-573005 Ferryhill 20-4-57 LN74073005 heads south with frt, between Carstairs and Carluke 9.63 WS714273007 RF on freight at Beattock station, July 1965 NF225-0573008 + 44997 double-head 2.10pm fish Aberdeen 4-3-65 SM33473008 Perth 16.4.5673008 Perth shed 8-65 SM33773008,45358,44881 & 60919,all (RF) on St Rollox shed. 5.8.60 WS485673009 (LF) on 10.15a.m. Buchanan St-Aberdeen 'The Granite City' near St Rollox   20.7.57 WS53173019 & 75072 (LF) Bath shed 15/4/61 NN4-99-473020 Up local Whiteball 21/7/56 RCR7821