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SM002-12 61511 with brake-van at Elgin 28-7-49SM02-21 63437 (Q6) (rear ¾) Sunderland shedSM02-22 65879-65892-J27 inside Sunderland shedSM003 NCB St Belers No 2 0-4-0ST Workington 8766SM003-1 62275 (D40) LE Maud 8-49SM003-2 62242 (D40) fitted with snowplough Tn nr MaudSM003-3 61505 (B12) Tn entg Schoolhill, Aberdeen 5-49SM003-4 44872 Ferryhill ShedSM003-5 46246 “City of Leeds” Tn Aberdeen 8-8-50SM003-6 61521 (B12) Tn lvg AberdeenSM003-7 42689 shunting & 62263 (D40) LE Maud yardSM003-8 60932 (V2) Tn waiting to leave PerthSM003-9 45478 Tn Nigg Bay, AberdeenSM003-10 61505 (B12) LE Maud 8-49SM003-11 61067 (B1) Tn fish vans nr Maud 5-49SM003-12 Black 5 Tn CraiginchesSM004 90628 Tn frt Clydesmill Power StationSM004-1 67151 (F4) BF Tn lvg Fraserburgh for St CombsSM004-2 60972 (V2) Tn lvg MontroseSM004-3 60973 (V2) Dundee Shed