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80001 (LF) tn 3.57pm Glasgow C-Gourock approaches Hillington East while 80045 (RR) tn 3.15pm ex-Gourock waits for road 12/3/66 (4-track section between Glasgow & Paisley reduced to double ) WS842580001 (RF above) tn 5.33pm St Enoch-East Kilbride at Clarkston 30/4/64 WS739380001 (RF) on 12.17p.m. to Strathaven leaving Central. 19.5.62. WS597780004 (LF) on 12.45p.m.Inverness-Aberdeen at Rothes. 28.8.59. WS386180005 (FF above) tn 5.8pm St Enoch-East Kilbride approaching Thornliebank 4-9-64 WS776680005 (LF) tn 3pm to Aberdeen at Fraserburgh 11.9.54 WS276280014 (LF) tn 10.8am Victoria-Tunbridge Wells West nr Riddlesdown 14/3/62 FM59-480014 EBN-TWW lvg Eridge 2/4/56 RCR585380014 Tn Dn E -stk Tonbridge 19 -4 -58  - RCR11660 - R C Riley80015 (RF) tn 3.8pm Victoria-Tunbridge Wells via East Grinstead at East Croydon 12/06/62 F718880015 Lewes80016 Tn lvg Tunbridge Wells West 16/3/57 RCR812580021 & 76095 (RF) Dheading tn return Orange Walk spl Princes Pier-St Enoch nr Cartsburn tunnel 6-7-63 WS689280021 (LF) on 3.45p.m. Aberdeen-Elgin at PortGordon 28.8.59 WS275680024 & 80130 (RR) running LEs ex-East Kilbride. Filled-in Hairmyres limestone quarry in background 25-3-66 WS844180024 (RF) on 12.35p.m.Ayr-St Enoch at Irvine. 10.10.59. WS387780027 (RF) tn 1.30pm Princes Pier-St Enoch emerging from the summit cutting 24.1.59 WS297080033 3.55Pm from Brighton to Tonbridge 24.4.6280035 (RF) tn 10.38am Victoria-Brighton at Riddlesdown 14/3/62 FM59-380036 (LF) tn Tunbridge Wells West portion of the 4.20pm London Bridge to East Grinstead, Ashurst 12/06/62 F7199