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70000 & 61375 & 61384 & 61x11 on shed ICA E419770000 'Britannia' arrives at Colchester station with a train from East Anglia in Sprint 195870000 (RF) Tn & 61329 B1 (FF) Halesworth ICA BR14970000 (RF) Tn & 61989 K3 (RF) tn frt Halesworth ICA BR12270000 (RF) tn 'The Norfolkman' Brentwood bank 7-4-51 REV53-A-4-270000 Britannia passing Bethnal Green on the Hook Continental 25-3-5370000 Holyhead Shed KN67970000 tn The East Anglian entering Ipswich70001 'Lord Hurcomb' Colchester70001 (LF) Tn crossing St Olaves Swing Bridge ICA BR25470001 tn 10.30am dn Yarmouth 11.06 am 10-5-5270001 tn entg Ipswich70001 tn Ipswich70002  Leeds Holbeck 23 August 196670002 (RF) Tn up express & 63687 O1 (FF) waits in goods shed with up afternoon frt Halesworth70002 close-up of motion, Perth shed 1965 SM206A70002 Perth shed 1965 SM20670003 'John Bunyan' (LF) Tn crossing viaduct Beccles ICA BR11470004 'William Shakespeare' (LF) tn 7.55am 'The Palatine' at St Pancras 1/10/60 JH187570004 'William Shakespeare' at Victoria (“Golden Arrow”) (2 views available) 20.4.57 AEB2043