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45504 (FF) Northampton shed 5/9/54 ES169645505 'The Royal Army Ordnance Corps' (RF) tn 6.45pm rtn half-day excursion to Whaley Bridge lvg Ilkley and crossing Brook St bridge (bridge removed 10-66) 3-1-66 F W Smith 62145506 Bristol Barrow Road Shed 5-7-59 RCR1372945511 (LF) tn 2pm dn Birmingham passing South Kenton 7-6-57 PP88745512 Carlisle Upperby Apr 1957 Willie Hermiston45512 Preston 17-8-63 Arnold Battson45518 Edge Hill 1955 NS20348145521 (RF)  tn 9.43am Liverpool-Glasgow Central on Beattock bank 30-7-60 WS484245521 Polmadie 2-4-5545524 at Aston Shed  in 1954 NS20359945526 (LF) tn Tring Cutting 30-8-58 MM69745526 Camden 18-4-59 John Robertson45527 Crewe 26-7-5245530 (LF) tn 10.45am to Blackpool Central, Euston 05/09/59 F431845530 9A Euston (9.35am ex Manchester) Rb 00.04.58 AS D52/44553445534  at Nether Stowe (nr Lichfield)  in 1958 -  26-09-1958  - John Raines45535  at Nether Stowe (nr Lichfield)  in 1959 -  03-06-1959  - John Raines45537 Carnforth 7-59 FH101245538 6P Carnforth 759 (be) FH1031