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60003 at Copley Hill shed NS206312A60003 Kings Cross shed 16.9.61 RCR1628260003 Kings Cross Shed 17.6.61 RCR1591560004 (RF)  on the 5.31p.m.Broughty Ferry-Edinburgh Waverley arriving at Thornton 16.8.61 WS60004 (RF) Ferryhill Shed 02.06.62 - Leslie Freeman F713160004 (RF) on 4p.m. Edinburgh Waverley –Glasgow Queen St passing Haymarket Central Jct., on the left stands 62693. 30.3.57 WS6460006 “Sir Ralph Wedgwood” Ferryhill shed SM27060006 “Sir Ralph Wedgwood” St Margarets 17-4-65 SM16460006 “Sir Ralph Wedgwood” Tn 5.45 FO south of Stonehaven 8-7-65 SM24960006 'Sir Ralph Wedgwood'  tn 1.10pm up Newcastle&Hull at Hatfield 6-5-61 ('Spurs for the cup' chalked on loco. Must have worked as they won 2-0 over Leicester) PP123960008 A4 (LF) tn dn 'Yorkshire Pullman' passing Harringay 24-7-53 PP75260008 Hexham 1954 NS20632760009 “Union of South Afraica (rear ¾) Tn lvg Stonehaven SM43060009 “Union of South Africa” Ferryhill 7-65 SM17060009 “Union of South Africa” Tn 5.30pm for Perth, Aberdeen 3-1-66 (night scene) SM31560009 “Union of South Africa” Tn Dn ‘St Mungo’ at Craiginches 7-65 SM16360009 3.30pm Aberdeen portion of 'West Coast Postal' (A4 coming off at Carstairs) 5.65 WS804060009 A4 (LF) L/E stabling point Kings Cross 8/61 ES436560009 A4 (RF) L/E backing out of Kings Cross 8/61 ES436460010 'Dominion of Canada' approaching York station. 1949 MC40302