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38 Departmental (68168) LE Lowestoft Dock tramway 1954 SUM5342 Departmental (68178) (RF) Cambridge shed 1-6-58 RH20-4686xx J69 (LB) LE nr shed ICA E2919689xx B/F tn Factory Jct 27/2/57 RCR81101247 (68846) (LF) BF Spl waiting to lve St Albans Abbey 17-06-61 LRF62531247 (LF) running round Spl at St Albans Abbey 17-06-61 LRF62501247 (rear 3/4) Ayot 16-9-61 RCR162941247 (RF) SLS Hatfield to St Albans Brake-Van Tour about to lve Hatfield 17-06-61 LRFF62471247 (RF) Spl on arrival at St Albans Abbey 17-06-61 (not sharp) LRF62491247 GN Tn Cole Green 16-9-61 RCR162921247 GN Tn Hertingfordbury 16-9-61 RCR162931247 GNR (RF) SLS Hatfield to St Albans Brake-Van Tour shunting the tn at Hatfield 17-06-61 LRF62468130 Sentinel (LF) Lowestoft Harbour Works c1950 ICA E3628165 Np58177 (D41) Lowestoft 18-5-5815098 (68188) Y11 Petrol Shunter 4-5-5068006 (LF) tn frt Middleton Top 26-8-56 LN31168006 at Middleton Top NF090-1568006 Friden (Cromford &High Peak rail-tour) 30.04.67 AS V74-268010 68043 68071 68046 in Undated at Darlington NS204722A