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35xxx close-up of motion and driver oiling round at non-SR shed350xx Micheldever early 1967 JBY1007350xx Micheldever Mar 1967 JBY1041350xx Porton early 1959 JBY1522350xx Salisbury 1964 JBY1051350xx Southampton early 1967 JBY100635001 (LR) tn 9am Waterloo-WES lvg Yeovil Jct 30-09-61 LRF678935001 (side view) Exmouth Jct shed 29/8/54 RCR529935001 (unreb MN Channel Packet) near Sole Street 10.5.58 AEB304235001 (view ¾) Exmouth Jct shed 29/8/54 RCR529735001 MN (RF) tn 6pm dn passing Surbiton 6.15pm 27-7-56 PP86235001 Tn Up Cont express Tonbridge 19 -4 -58  - RCR11653 - R C Riley35001 Tn Up Cont express Tonbridge 19/4/58 RCR1165335002 (LF) Nine Elms 24-09-55 LRF208935002 (LF) tn 1.30pm Waterloo-Bournemouth passing Vauxhall 28-04-62 LRF703835002(LF) Passing under Clapham Jct box with a passenger train. No date. WS26335003 (LR) unrebuilt MN, Nine Elms 1950 (glass plate) AS35003 (LR) unrebuilt MN, Nine Elms 1950 (glass plate) AS35003 (RF) tn 9.30am to Bournemouth, Waterloo 15-08-65 LRF841835003 Exmouth Junction Shed UnRB 12.07.58 AS D60/4