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01 class5 Plymouth Friary Shed 5-8-38 T17 J T Rutherford13 SR (T1) RCR38221C1 'Channel Packet' (MN) Salisbury 26/9/46 RCR135021C2 MN tn up Salisbury FH21321C11 (MN) Salisbury shed 26/9/46 RCR135421C20 (LF) Nine Elms REV27-A-3-321C20 (LR) Nine Elms 7-47 REV27-A-4-621C109 (WC) Exmouth Jct 27-9-46 RCR135921C113 (WC) Exeter Central 26/9/46 RCR135721C136 WC tn boat Ivg Victoria 4-47 FH20821C140 Dover Marine 1947 MC5062121C147 (WC) Exmouth Jct 9-9-48 RCR151321C15521C155 (LF) inside Ashford Works being prepared for the Ashford Works Centenary Exhibition 4-10-47 JCF I5-421C155 Dover Shed 18.7.48 R J Tredwell21C157 'Golden Arrow' at Victoria21C158 Bournemouth21C161 6.20pm express to Waterloo, Bournemouth West 4.48 J T Rendell