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170 LNWR 1400 'Bill Bailey' class1414 LNWR 1400 'Bill Bailey' class1113 LNWR 1400 'Bill Bailey' class at ChesterLinslade Tunnel42530 Stratford Shed 12.3.61Sevenoaks Tubs Hill station. SECR. 1930’s MC10081SSevenoaks Tubs Hill station. SECR. 1930’s MC10079sSevenoaks Bat and Ball station. SECR. 1934-35 MC10087SSevenoaks Tubs Hill station. SECR. 1930’s MC10080SMisc. Lineside. SECR Otford. Jun 1956 MC90313Knock Holt station. SECR. 1934 MC10015K6399 (LF) tn 1.45pm ex-Weymouth entg Maiden Newton 13-09-58 LRF35924689 (RF) SCTS Southern Counties Enterprise RTour waiting to lve for West Bay fm Bridport 25-08-63 LRF78744507 (RF) tn 2.39pm to Maiden Newton waiting to lve Bridport 13-09-58 LRF35954507 (LF) taking water at Maiden Newton viewed from tn JH6984507 (LF) preparing to run round the Bridport tn at Maiden Newton 13-09-58 LRF36001474 (LR) BF tn for Bridport at Maiden Newton JH6901418 (LF) tn 1.40pm ex-Bridport arriving at Maiden Newton 13-09-58 LRF3588View from tn running into the bay at Maiden Newton JH697View from tn running into Bridport with 4-5-07 waiting in stn JH694