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View of driver driving locomotive REV68B-1-6View of driver driving locomotive REV68B-1-4View of driver driving locomotive REV68B-1-5R.E. W.O. instructing soldiers beside motion of 2-8-0 REV68B-2-3R.E. soldiers attending 2-8-0 Longmoor shed 4.9.52 REV68B-1-1R.E. crew posing in cab of 2-8-0 REV68B-2-2R.E. W.O. instructing soldiers beside motion of 2-8-0 REV68B-2-4R.E. crew looking out of cab of 2-8-0 REV68B-1-393257 (700) Longmoor NS208832D2202 (RR) CF tn frt Wisbech & Upwell tramway ICA D1075D1920 (47243) Newbury (7Z93 air brake special) 28.04.66 AS U34-6D1851D1692 Crewe North yard 24.5.64 AWBD1699 Old Oak Common 30.1.64 AS O79-5D1687 (RF) Crewe Works 12.2.67 ES6023Bridlington shed view with 44774, B1s, B16s and spotters 7.8.58 MM65048511 Deansgate Jn DH2347941288 auto train leaving Brooklands early 1960s DH203876108 tn from High Wycombe, Bourne End 26.9.53 RHF6123 9.20am to Princes Risborough via Maidenhead, High Wycombe 10.53am 6.6.53 ARC