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NF212-25 Another of 212-23 going further away from camera, Aberdeen 10.4.6560537 up 'Yorkshire Pullman' Stevenage 30.9.4860108 with 60873, 60008 and 61121 on shed AR60100 JACK60037 Princes St Gdns 29.8.5360037 Aberdeen express, Princes St Gdns60037 tn of LMS stock C M Officer60100 ecs leaving Leith Central 13.6.5360068 (LF) tn passing 60004 (LF) ecs waiting to leave Craigentinny 1.6.59 MR41804 Staveley shed RS63793 York61965 frt, Leicester South 30.8.6141804 Heard63413 Newcastle March 19634873792188 Kings Cross shed 30.4.58 JRWS10269 50017, 50034 Polmadie 3.74D438 PrestonD441 Glasgow-Liverpool, Wigan 1970 AWBD409 entering Preston 5.68 AWB