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69801 Colwick Shed 24-7-55 - leading driving wheel missing4744 Haworth 30/10/65 RCR1788669009 J72 (RF) Hull Alexandra Dock shed 21-9-52 PP73969021, D237 (RF) on 2.30p.m. Newcastle-Leeds, 69021, 69022 at Darlington 18.4.60 WS425769105 at Tyne Dock Shed  in Undated NS20225169125 N14 Aberdeen (b) FH136469129 (N14) BF Tn stn pilot Aberdeen SM46069131 (RF) shunting at Cowlairs 28.3.59 WS15969134 N15 Niddrie 17.2.5869143 (LF) shunting in Ross Yard, Ferniegair. 9.7.60. WS477169154 Kelty 28.5.5669155 (RF) in e-works condition and 69178 (LR) on Eastfield shed 6.4.57 WS229669158 Bathgate 2.6.5769163 (RR) BF at closed Whifflet (NB) WS530269164 Dundee West Shed ASF89-369165 (LF)  on Parkhead shed 10.7.59 WS1586917269178 (RR) & 61764 (LF) on Eastfield shed  9.6.60 WS450069181 Cowlaira Work Yard ASF96-369188 (LF) at Glasgow Queen St. 73109 (LF) is about to pass on 11.15a.m. Rugby Special to Edinburgh Waverley 7.2.59 WS227