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(V) approaching Faversham (shows old and new signal boxes) 18.5.59 AEB4776(V) passing Faversham MPD 18.5.59 AEB4768(V) passing Faversham MPD 18.5.59 AEB47710-4-0T Sheffield Park 16.6.60 JBY122177s rear Redbridge 26-6-57 RCR10863A77s Redbridge 26 -6 -57  - RCR10863 - R C Riley77s Redbridge 26-6-57 RCR10863308xx Eastleigh shed 1963JBY1127309xx 2.0 Ramsgate-Vic Farningham Road 25-6-55 RCR615530024 Tn Exmouth passr Exeter Central 6 -7 -57  - RCR11004 - R C Riley30028 (LF) tn 2.50pm ex-Petersfield in bay platform Midhurst 05-02-55 LRF142730028 (LF) tn 10.58am to Lymington at Brockenhurst 23.4.60 H119030028 (LR) BF tn 12.33pm ex-Pulborough entg Midhurst 05-02-55 LRF141930028 (LR) BF tn 12.33pm ex-Pulborough Midhurst 05-02-55 LRF142130028 (RR) BF moving stock of 4.20pm Pulborough tn into the main platforms at Petersfield (taken from Midhurst Bay platform 05-02-55 LRF142930028 (RR) BF tn 3.48pm to Petersfield Midhurst 05-02-55 LRF142830028 M7 (RF) tn 2.30pm ex-Alton viewed from 2.34pm ex-Winchester at Alresford 4-10-57 PP91630028 Tn propelling Alton motor, Winchester City 24 -6 -57  - RCR10816 - R C Riley30028 Tn propelling Alton motor, Winchester City 24-6-57 RCR1081630028 Tn propelling Alton motor, Winchester City 24-6-57 RCR10816