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M79185 Derby DMBS Woburn Sands 29.06.67 W43/1Charing Cross – Hastings diesel entering Tunbridge Wells Central station 12.4.58 12.20pm B2943D -C w34w Dn Parcels Car Old Oak Common East 7 -9 -57  - RCR11190 - R C RileyD -C w34w Dn Parcels Car Southall 10 -8 -57  - RCR11076 - R C RileySudbury-bound Derby Lightweight lvg Glemsford stn ICA D311Derby Lightweight DMU Carlisle (WAC Smith)DMU at Maldon East station 2.8.59 AEB5039DMU Castle Bromwich 1955-56DMU for Penrith Keswick 1965Haughley Stn with Diesel Set 3 -5 -58  - RCR11768 - R C RileyKings Lynn-bound Cravens DMU Dereham Central ICA D067Ipswich-bound DMU at Thorpness Halt on the Aldeburgh bch (grounded coach bodies on platform) ICA D82Derby DMU at Middle Drove stn ICA D130Norwich-bound 2-car DMU lvg Fakenham East stn & L/C ICA D264March-bound DMU lvg Emneth ICA D458Sudbury-bound DMU approaching Long Melford ICA D513Colchester-bound DMU at Sudbury ICA D514Wickham & Derby Lightweight DMUs Colchester-bound & Cambridge-bound pass  at Long Melford ICA D521Sudbury-bound DMU at Cavendish ICA D619Wells-bound DMU lvg Dereham pre-1964 closure ICA D762