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Crewe diesel tn lvg Tutbury 28 -9 -57  - RCR11311 - R C RileyDMU for Glasgow Central, Polmadie (WAC Smith)DMU Girvan (WAC Smith)DMU Girvan No.2 (WAC Smith)DMU Glasgow Central (WAC Smith)Kings Lynn-bound DMU at Wolferton circa 1967-69 ICA D6822 x 2-car DMU at Heacham ICA D1546DMU at Hunstanton ICA D1628A Gloucester Twin DMU on 1.21pm Musselburgh-Waverley, passing Newhailes Jct. 3.4.61. WS52282-car DMU with 4.34pm Musselburgh-Edinburgh Wav via Inner Circle at Morningside Road 16/7/62 WS6238Musselburgh stn with a DMU for Edinburgh Wav about to depart 29/8/64 WS7737