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076 M&GN 4-4-0 (LF) with van Peterborough North084 M&GN 0-6-0 (LF) shunting cattle wagons at SpaldingNo 2 ‘Halesworth’ 2-4-0T (RB) Southwold Rly4 'William Whitelaw'4 'William Whitelaw' LNER A44 Haymarket Mpd4-6-0 not sure could be CR6 'Sir Ralph Wedgwood' LNER A411 'Empire of India' Alnmouth11 M&GN 4-4-0 (RF) Up tn approaching Wisbech12 'Commonwealth of Australia' Flying Scotsman Craigentinny12 Craigentinny14 6001414 Silver Link JT Rutherford19 'Bittern'20 'Guillemot'20 GER Decapod 0-10-0T22 'Mallard'24 'Kingfisher'24 'Kingfisher' LNER A4