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350hp shunter Woodford Halse3408 (RF)  CS & TE tn at Busby 17-7-73 WS999912005 JJC12009, 12004, 7096, 12005 Willesden shed 17-9-50 MNB1202112065 Cricklewood (b) FH52712067 coming on shed at Cricklewood 16-11-52 MNB12103 on ballast train, during work on suburban tunnels, Liverpool St 22-8-5412133 shunting at Cambridge 24-2-5313058 removing two coaches from rear of up local, Wellingborough spring 1957 John Pearse13322, 11217 (WAC Smith)D3066, D3068 Woodford HalseD3107 (LF) tn frt entering Chipping Norton bch, Kings Sutton GS2-4-6D3137 D6964 ICA D1552D3286 (LF) shunting at Airdie East. Former passenger stn on the left 14.8.61. WS5617D3299 (LR) CF with brake van ICA D1241D3446 (RF) New England 2-5-65 ES5469D3451 (LF) shunting ballast brake ICA D1542D3453 (LF) New England 11-4-65 ES5438D3485 (LF) New England 2-5-65 ES5470