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350hp shunter Woodford Halse3408 (RF)  CS & TE tn at Busby 17-7-73 WS999908659 Landore 4.12.7908732 (LR)  CF tn grain vans ex-Inverhouse Distilliery on Moffat Mills bch 31.7.74 WS1055308732 (RR)  CF tn Moffat Mills bch trip frt comes off the bch at Clarkston 24.7.74 WS1055008862 Cambridge 4.5.8012005 JJC12009, 12004, 7096, 12005 Willesden shed 17-9-50 MNB1202112065 Cricklewood (b) FH52712067 coming on shed at Cricklewood 16-11-52 MNB12103 on ballast train, during work on suburban tunnels, Liverpool St 22-8-5412133 shunting at Cambridge 24-2-5313058 removing two coaches from rear of up local, Wellingborough spring 1957 John Pearse13322, 11217 (WAC Smith)BR British Rail Diesel Locomotive Gillingham  09022 September 1990BR British Rail Diesel Locomotive York  08525  1989D3066, D3068 Woodford HalseD3107 (LF) tn frt entering Chipping Norton bch, Kings Sutton GS2-4-6D3137 D6964 ICA D1552