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D61xx (LF) LE for Dundee west of West Ferry 27-7-60 GCB615D6141 cab. 64570 (J37) (right ¾) Inverurie Wks (including clear view of D61xx cabside) 15-4-65 SM351D6114 Stratford 7-6-59 RCR13602D6118 Stratford shed 30.04.60 AS H67-1D6119 LF in Strathyre down platform, small waiting room on left NF260-03D6119, arrives from the west at Balquhidder ? track panels stacked on right NF259-20D6121 (RF) tn ex-Glasgow approaching Dundee 1960s GCB608D6122 (RF) tn Princes Street Gardens mid-1960s GCB609D6123 Ferryhill shed 3.1.66 SM122D6124 tn frt Beccles ICA D498D6126 Doncaster Works (on acceptance trials) 11.10.59 ASG27-6D6127 Doncaster Works (on acceptance trials) 11.10.59 ASG28-1D6134 & D6114 (RF) Dheading Glasgow-Dundee tn east of Ninewells Jct mid-1960s (very minor motion blur) GCB610D6139 NBL Type 2 Tn waiting to leave Aberdeen SM005-3D6141 & D6150 double-head Peterhead tn in snow at Maud 1-3-65 SM539D6143 Elgin NF158-22D6148 & D263 (LF) Dheading London tn at Esplanade stn, Dundee 19-3-66 GCB611D6148 (RF) tn off Tay Bridge passing Esplanade stn, Dundee 3-61 GCB612D6157 Tn Peterhead stn SM392D6151 & D5123 tn 9.40am Forfar 3-61 NF69-5