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DMU, bound for Dereham at Hardingham ICA D1599DMU at Aldeburgh station (2 views available) 5.8.59 AEB5068DMU Colne-Blackpool at Squires Gate 21/8/64 FM47-6DMU Blackpool-Skipton at Lytham 21/8/64 FM48-4Peterborough North-bound DMU at Boston stn ICA D034Cambridge-bound DMU approaching Glemsford (Sudbury end of stn ICA D153Cambridge-bound DMU at Sudbury Goods Jct SB ICA D246Skegness-bound DMU lvg stn ICA D277Lowestoft-bound DMU lvg Halesworth stn ICA D344Sudbury-bound DMU entg Cavendish stn ICA D468March-bound DMU entg Middle Drove stn ICA D493Lincoln-bound DMU Tumby Woodside ICA D604March-bound DMU & Kings Lynn-bound DMU at Middle Drove ICA D1122Lincoln-bound DMU at Tumby Woodside ICA D1140Dereham-bound DMU ICA D1204Coningsby-bound DMU & Lincoln-bound DMU at stn ICA D1502Dereham-bound DMU at Hardingham ICA D1599Peterborough-bound DMU at Middle Drove ICA D1643DMU E56438 & J69 (FF) smokebox being cleaned at Sudbury loco stabling point ICA E1602Dufftown with DMU entering NF186-32