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I was born in Highgate on 3/3/33 Due to the threat, then fact, of WW2, there were frequent changes of address util 1947 when I Was in Berkhamsted and started railway photography with my father’s No. 2a box Brownie (2 ½” X 4 ½”). Later in 1947 we moved to Banbury where I still live. In 1952 I started a 5 year apprenticeship with BR(W) Signal and Telegraph Dept. Based in Reading. I continued in the Reading office with a 2 year interruption when I was called up into the RAF to work on airborne radar equipment (without actually flying). In 1968 I transferred to the London Midland Region based in London and later Birmingham and remained with them and their privatised fragments until retirement in 1998. I travelled widely both individually and with groups from the IRSE and various enthusiast organisations.