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Original Met Railway station building at Uxbridge 27.9.58 AEB4268LT No. 7 'Edmund Burke' at Liverpool Street LTE 2.9.61 AEB5808LT No. 5 'John Hampden' at Baker Street 2.9.61 AEB5810LT No. 11 'George Romney' at Harrow-on-the-Hill (two views) 9.9.61 AEB5827Met ‘T’ Stock set approaching Harrow-on-the-Hill 9.9.61 AEB5828LT No. 2 'Oliver Cromwell' approaching Harrow (two views) 9.9.61 AEB5829T stock (EMU compartment stock) at Neasden 16-1-50 B3-5LT No. 9 on tn for Baker Street lvg Rickmansworth 10.5am 13-4-48 C7-6Met Rly tube tn for Aldgate entg Ruislip c19481949 E1-1Epping Stn with 67200 on tn 16 -11 -57  - RCR11400 - R C RileyMet train for Uxbridge at Rayners Lane Jct H7-3L48 (FR) tn ‘Railway World’ Met Spl Quainton Road 23-05-54 LRF1169L48 (LF) ‘Railway World’ Met Spl Quainton Road 23-05-54 LRF1170L48 (LF) BF ‘Railway World’ Met Spl before lvg Moorgate 23-05-54 LRF1158L48 (RF) ‘Railway World’ Met Spl Aylesbury 23-05-54 LRF1172L48 (RR) The mayor of Willesden delivering oration on the ‘Railway World’ Met Spl’s arrival at Willesden Green 23-05-54 LRF1164Met electric No. 11 after bringing in the ECS of ‘Railway World’ Met Spl into Moorgate 23-05-54 LRF1159Met Rly tube tns with 69577 + 40027 at Moorgate in 1958 NS205382AL.T. circle line trains at Paddington underground stn.22.6.56 WS378L.T. No.5 'John Hampden' taking over the 7.58p.m. Aylesbury-Baker St at Rickmansworth. 22.6.56 WS379