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21C2 MN tn up Salisbury FH2131029 (LF) Tn lvg Hatton 30-7-51 JCF M1-21029 (RB) Swindon Works DP496-51029 (RF) Swindon Works DP496-31029 (RF) Swindon Works DP496-61029 NP ‘County of Worcester’ Swindon Works DP483-21436 (LF) tn 6.35pm motor to Slough, Windsor & Eton Central 23.06.57 LRF F28301436 (RR) tn 4.17pm Slough to Windsor auto train being propelled into Windsor & Eton 23.06.57 LRF F28282041 'Pentril Point', Eastbourne-Leicester train, Addison Road 10.8.35 MP501354472 Great Central spl, Nottingham Victoria 15.6.63 (2)4472 Great Central spl, Nottingham Victoria 15.6.634520 (LF) Swindon Works 4.2.53 ES8227400 (RF) Carmarthen shed 17-4-55 REV89-B-6-48806 2537 62597 D158812 2583 D158894 Claud Hamilton LNER9403 (RF) tn 2.2pm to Twyford Henley-on-Thames 230357 LRF270810000 'Manxman', Euston MP9000610100 in 1950 MP9000710202 12.40 Bletchley-Euston, South Kenton 31.05.58 AS D37-3