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5557 (LR) B/F tn ex-Newquay entg Chacewater 31/5/60 (slight motion blur to loco) H1365View of Royal Albert Bridge from tn hauled by 6849 31/5/60 H1407View running through St Blazey 31/5/60 H13784294 & 5564 (RF) shunting at Goonbarrow 31/5/60 H13775557 (LB) tn Chacewater 31/5/60 H13665557 (LF) tn 9.15am to Newquay waiting to lve Chacewater 31/05/60 LRF46884294/5564 (RF) d/heading tn frt lvg the Mineral branch at Goonbarrow 31/05/60 LRF47045557 (LR) B/F tn 8.35am ex-Camborne arriving at Chacewater (this tn became the 9.15am to Newquay 31/05/60LRF4686View of Royal Albert Bridge fm 4.20pm Penzance-Plymouth headed by 6849 31/05/60 LRF4746D443 Wigan 3.71 AWBD443 up express, Wigan North Western 3.71 AWBD443 parcels, Wigan 20.10.70 AWBD441 Glasgow-Liverpool, Wigan 1970 AWBD412 passing Wigan 9.71 AWBD427 dheading 11.08am Preston-Glasgow, Preston 5.1.72 AWBD434 leaving Preston 9.68 AWBD410 entering Preston 3.68 AWBD409 Preston 5.68 AWBD447,435 up express passing Wigan North Western 2.71 AWBD406 entering Lancaster 7.68 AWB