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0-6-0PT No.5418 on Staines autotrain and 0-6-0 No.1443 on rear West Drayton. 25.9.48 PY200074 coach auto tn at Wearde REV46A-6-5750 Salisbury1006 (RF) tn 1.55pm ex- Penzance entg Gwinear Road 30/05/60 LRF46521006 (RF) tn 1.55pm ex-Penzance entg Gwinear Road 30/5/60 H13411006 (RR) tn lvg Gwinear Road 30/5/60 H13421432 arriving past Oswestry shed with Gobowen auto 1963 AG174-51434 (LF) tn 5.25pm Tiverton-Bampton entg Bampton 01.06.60 LRF47981439 Up auto lvg Exeter St Davids 3.7.55 RCR62041451 at Dulverton with train from Exeter 22.8.58 AEB40481470 Dn empty auto Stoneycombe 3 -7 -57  - RCR109541471 (LF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter, Cadeleigh 01.06.60 LRF48001471 (LF) tn 5.30pm ex-Dulverton waiting to cross with 5.25pm ex-Tiverton, Bampton 01.06.60 LRF47961471 (LF) tn crossing with 1434 (LF) tn at Bampton 1.6.60 H14381471 (LF) tn crossing with 7761 (LF distant) tn at Cadeleigh 1.6.60 H14411471 (RF) tn 5.30pm auto tn to Exeter branch platform, Dulverton 01.06.60 LRF47921471 (RF) tn 5.30pm Dulverton-Exeter, Tiverton 01.06.60 LRF47991471 (RF) tn 5.30pm ex-Dulverton waiting to cross with 5.25pm ex-Tiverton at Bampton 01.06.60 LRF47951471 (RF) tn 5.30pm for Tiverton & Exeter at Dulverton 1.6.60 H14351471 (RF) tn Tiverton 1.6.60 H1439