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Cl 37 tn frt approaching Leiston LCICA BR113D2201 (LF) tn brake-van special Ipswich Docks, Cliffe Quay branch31135 with brake-van Leiston LC towards Aldeburgh3x colour view of Ipswich Docks tramway D2010?ICA D383-3DH shunter (FR) White Swan coal yard Great YarmouthNo 2 ‘Halesworth’ 2-4-0T (RB) Southwold Rly11 M&GN 4-4-0 (RF) Up tn approaching Wisbech076 M&GN 4-4-0 (LF) with van Peterborough NorthStratford view taken from coaling stage with 61979/92074/64662O2 & WD (RR) L/Es MarchWickham trolley RT960232 (FF) on bch67xxx F5 (LR) tnJ17 (LR) T/F tn entg North Walsham M&GN2-6-2T (LF) Tn StarcrossCrane & battery loco at LeistonAveling Porter loco (FF) negotiates ‘The Gap’ tramwayICAD383-1ICAD383-2