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(BR) coach W274 Barry 5-5-51 RCR31044 coach auto tn at Wearde REV46A-6-5ex-Brighton Belle Pullmans awaiting disposal at Norwich ICA S61ex-LBSC Pullman cars at Preston Park c1937 ICA S731450 (RR) propelling tn 11.17am ex-Bourne End into Marlow 23-03-57 LRF2695Trailer W230W with 6401 (LR distant) at Tavistock 2/6/60 H1481Paddington view showing part of slip coach W7374W and part of 6165 17/8/60 H1718View at Bicester with 5970 on head of tn which now includes slip coach W7374W 17/8/60 H1723W9115W Plymouth Docks 12/7/55 RCR57747336 Old GE coach Colchester 9-6-567337 Old GN coaches Colchester 9-6-567338 Old GE coach 9-6-56DS 348 & LBSC Mcoach Basingstoke 18-5-63 RCR17100Observation Car (with 61791) at Mallaig 31.7.56 AEB1474Wrought-iron gate on Coach S.737 at Callington 16.8.58 AEB3914Coach S.2623 (and (02) 30193) at Callington 16.8.58 AEB3915WD 5312 Ex LSWR Birdcage brake Longmoor 01.05.65 AS R100/2WD 5311 Ex LSWR Birdcage brake Longmoor 01.05.65  AS S2/6M30209M Ex LNWR Postal Vehicle Shrewsbury 07.07.59 AS F25/5-6Plymouth, showing auto train for Saltash