E83-5 44058E1737 61253 B1 LMS Royal Train off the Framlingham bch where it had spent the night after leaving London at 10.45pm behind 61399 B1 (RR) seen LE waiting to work the tn forward to Lowestoft at WickhamE26057 Manchester Piccadilly 9.68E26057 Manchester Piccadilly 20.12.69 (2)E26057 Manchester piccadilly 20.12.69 (3)E26057 Manchester piccadilly 20.12.69ES001  Huntingdon shed view with 65356 J15 (RF) 241050ES002  65356 J15 (FF) Huntingdon shed 241050ES003  40540 (RF) Nottingham LMR shed 61150ES020 68387 J66 (RF) New England shed 28151ES030 62501 D15 (RR) Cambridge 26351ES047ES049ES053 52453 (RF) Rhyl shed 26651 (not all-over sharp)ES053 52453 (RF) Rhyl shed 26651 (not all-over sharp)ES064 56208 (RF) tn frt Rhyl Goods yard 2751 (neg scratches)ES083  41161 (LF) loco only with missing leading drivers Derby shed 4-7-51ES89ES095  41889 (LB) shunting Derby shed 4751ES097  58162 (RF) Kettering shed 5751