NF204-25 Greenock Docks & craneNF205-03 Upper Greenock station approachesNF 233-20 80118 RF arriving at Bogston on passenger, elevated viewNF04-2-16 57258 (LF) at Stepps 14760NF007-6 76072 (LF) tn propelling off Kirkcudbright 6-59NF007-7 76072 (LF) L-E Kirkcudbright 6-59NF007-8 View of Kirkcudbright shed with 76072 in background 6-59NF007-9 Kirkcudbright stn exterior view 6-59NF007-10 Kirkcudbright starter signal (GSWR) showing off 6-59NF007-11 Unidentified stn building 6-59NF007-12 Abandoned goods dock 6-59NF007-13 Castle Douglas stn buildings 6-59NF007-14 GNoSR 49 (RF) SLS spl Lockerbie 6-59NF007-15 GNoSR 49 (RF) SLS spl Lockerbie 6-59NF007-16 GNoSR 49 (RR) close-up of cab and boiler Lockerbie 6-59NF007-17 55260 (LR) L-E Lockerbie stn pilot 6-59NF007-18 GNoSR 49 (RF) SLS spl Lockerbie 6-59NF007-19 55260 (LR) Lockerbie shed 6-59NF007-20 Locherbie stn view 6-59NF007-21 Locharbriggs stn view 6-59