view of tn 4.23pm for Ruabon lvg Corwen with 5399 (RR distant) at its head 30/5/61Bala SB 30/5/61Westbury stn buildings lkg to Welshpool 31/5/61View of Abermule showing the disused platform for the Kerry branch 31/5/61Llanybyther stn view 31/5/61View from tn of junction before Pencader of Newcastle Emlyn line 31/5/61Conwil stn 31/5/61H92-4 Tredegar Station 19-6-60H92-5 Tredegar Shed 19-6-60View of the junction to the MSWJ at Anodversford 15/8/59Andoversford stn lkg to Cheltenham 15/8/59Chedworth stn view fm tn 15/8/59Foss Cross stn & SB lkg to Andoversford view fm tn 15/8/59Cirencester (Watermoor) 15/8/59Weyhill (MSWJ) stn from Anodver end 23/10/59Collingbourne stn lkg to Marlborough 23/10/59Grafton stn & SB 23/10/59Wagons at Savernake High Level 23/10/59Savernake High Level stn exterior 23/10/59Collingbourne Ducis Halt lkg to Andover 23/10/59