SM010-11 57424 shunts at Forfar shedNF026-15 57338 (RF) LE Grangemouth 260MM1155 64934 J39 (LF) tn up frt passing Thorner 22460H1537 7709 (RF) BF china clay tn passing Bodmin Road 4660FH4-7 57425 (LF) out of use St Rollox 23261DR1265 47348 (RF) stn pilot BletchleyLRF2656  31585 (LF) LE (after shunting duties at Sevenoaks) Tonbridge 090357LRF1111  68216 Stratford 230154G111 61387 Train arrived in platform Leeds CentralMM1280 61387 B1 (LF) tn Bradford-Cleethorpes 10860ICA E3598 65391 J15 (LF) tn bchREV46-A-6-5  4 coach auto tn at WeardeASG89-3 40085 89A Oswestry 4.02.60 G893PP536 63236 Q4 (RF) 749PP66   LMS 15351 (RF) Polmadie 1936PP776 62596 D16 (LF) Stratford shed 1954PP390 2906 (RF) tn 10.10am Carmarthen to Gloucester at Bridgend 10448PP937 30908 V (LF) Royal Train Victoria to Tattenham Corner passing Reedham 4658PP885 32135 E1R (RF) banker Exeter St Davids 31557PP873 30578 0395 (LF) Guildford shed 15956