RCR17384 Interior view of Marsh shed Bristol 91063RCR17558 Pe Tn by river bridge Wellingborough 564RCR17480 Demolition of Old Oak Common shed 11464RCR5655 Inside Tyseley shed 121254RCR5526 SL electric tn crossing bridge above Stewarts Lane shed 19954RCR5094 Electric tn approaching Holborn Viaduct 1554RCR4935 LT trams out of use at CharltonRCR4912 LT tram No86 on route 46RCR4538 Dn Electric EarlsfieldRCR16287 Kings Cross shed (general view) 16961RCR16285 Kings Cross shed (general view) 16961RCR16782 Exeter Shed 23962RCR16737 Hereford shed 18862RCR16620 Swindon Shed view 24662RCR16490 Taunton shed yard 14662RCR16450 Coalville shed 5562RCR14664 3254832547 Norwood Jct shed 18460RCR14533 3-car diesel set in Birmingham Snow Hill 20260RCR10575 LMR Electric Train from Richmond 4557RCR10574 LMR Electric Train to Richmond, Acton Wells Jct 4557