SM003 NCB St Belers No 2 0-4-0ST Workington 8766SM017 B12 loco blurred exchanging token at MaudSM019 View of Ayr shed with BR 4MT 2-6-0SM020 Newton-on-Ayr view with Crab 2-6-0 L-ESM024 D78 Tn frt DentSM027 Longforgan S-B and LCSM031 Stationary boiler, Dumfries shedSM035 D8118 Tn frt Beattock Summit 12.08.66SM036 D1837 Tn Up ‘Royal Scot’ on Beattock 12.08.66SM039 Siddick Jct S-B with DMU approaching 08.07.66SM040 Barclay 0-4-0ST on Cotehill Quarry line 08.07.66SM041 Barclay 0-4-0ST “Cumwhinton” on Cotehill Quarry line 8.7.66SM042 D2584 shunts Arbroath yardSM050 D22 Tn Leeds-Glasgow at Dent 7.7.66SM067 Bankers 760988007142274 by Beattock South SB 9.7.66SM070 D6106 Tn GleneaglesSM074 BRCW Type 2 Tn Up mixed frt coming off Tay BridgeSM075 BRCW Type 2 Ddheaded Tn Cove BaySM078 Altitude sign, Settle stationSM083 Midland Rly ciron trespass sign at Ribblehead