REV V586-1 49420 (LF) tn frtREV V102-1 64765 J39 (RF) tn fitted van frt nr NorwichREV632-1REV589-3REV586-1REV586-1REV568 (3)REV568 (2)REV568 (1)REV372REV366REV366REV366REV286-1REV285-3 14xx tn going onto Barmouth bridgeREV285-2 Panoramic view from above of Barmouth bridge with tn coming offREV285-1 2255 (LF) tn ‘Cambrian Coast Express’ Barmouth bridgeREV284-3 9005 (LF) LE Barmouth bridgeREV284-2 46433 (RF) tn ‘Cambrian Radio Cruise’ Barmouth SouthREV283-1 Tn crossing Barmouth bridge