Cl 37 tn frt approaching Leiston LCICA BR113D8236 (RR) engineering tn & battery loco at Leiston 8/67D2201 (LF) tn brake-van special Ipswich Docks, Cliffe Quay branchD2201 (LF) tn brake-van special Ipswich Docks, Cliffe Quay branchIpswich-bound DMU at Thorpness Halt on the Aldeburgh bch (grounded coach bodies on platform)tn frt approaching Leiston showing down sidings on rightD22xx on Wisbech & Upwell tramway alongside Commer lorry of ‘Marriage’s Colchester & Felixstowe’Cl 31 L/E Sizewell siding, Aldeburgh bchCl 31 on flask tn approaching Knodishall LC on Aldeburgh bch31135 with brake-van Leiston LC towards Aldeburgh3x colour view of Ipswich Docks tramway D2010?ICA D383-3(D)56xx tn frt Leiston Yard looking towards SaxmundhamD5668 tn exchanging tokens at CavendishWickham & Derby Lightweight DMUs Colchester-bound & Cambridge-bound pass  at Long MelfordDH shunter (FR) White Swan coal yard Great YarmouthD2201 Wisbech & Upwell tramway viewD2210 (LR) C/F tn frt Ipswich DocksD8228 tn frt (colour)